YWOW Fundraising Guide
Client Overview
Young Wishmakers of Wisconsin (YWOW) was created in 2017 as a Young Professionals group for Make-A-Wish® Wisconsin. This group targets dynamic young professionals with diverse interests, backgrounds, and professions who are passionate about being active and philanthropic members of their community. YWOW’s main role is to network and fundraise with the objective to raise as much money and grant as many wishes as possible for Make-A-Wish. In being an active Young Professionals group for about 2 years as of November 2019, YWOW has obtained 85 members and granted 24 wishes for wish kids in the Make-A-Wish Wisconsin program. YWOW continues to make a direct impact on Make-A-Wish and the families and wish kids involved.

The design challenge is to appeal to young professionals in the hope to recruit them for YWOW primarily through print materials, social media, and web interfaces. By creating a brand and subsequent materials, members will be able to utilize them when presenting the group to prospective members, networking, promoting the organization, and fundraising. The brand voice is to correlate closely with Make-A-Wish branding while maintaining trendiness, friendliness, and professionalism.

Design Solution
Being particularly drawn to the fundraising efforts of the organization, I designed the above guide of YWOW fundraising as a continual reference for members of the group. The idea was to create a resource that could hold a plethora of information while still being concise and fun to read. The first section in the booklet includes answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding YWOW fundraising, which is a central part of the organization, is important for new members to be aware of. The second part of the guide contains month-by-month ideation of fundraising events specific to the time of year. These fundraisers are intended to be a base collection that is hosted annually. Most of the fundraising ideas found in this section, I researched and developed myself, whereas some were fundraisers the group had hosted previously. The last section of the booklet integrates the concept of Forced Connections. This section is intended to trigger thought processes and new ideas for events by randomly combining a verb, a place, and a thing. The pages are cut into thirds accordingly, making for endless combinations.

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