Falsetti Legal Association
Client Overview
Mario Falsetti is the friendly, casual, motivated Attorney at Law and owner of Falsetti Legal Association (Services). He specializes in handling taxes and looking after the financial affairs of the deceased. Mario describes his company’s persona to that of a bird following the idea that as a bird has a broad wingspan, the company likewise has a broadened perspective into legal affairs. The mission of Falsetti Legal Association is to ​​”be personal, build relationships, and continue to assist others.”

The design challenge that Falsetti Legal Associations presented was the need for a logo that would accurately represent the firm’s mission. The logo design was to be unique, clean, simple, and easily applied to all documentation paperwork, specifically memos and letterheads.

Design Solution
In creating a logo for Falsetti Legal Association, I strived to focus on what made Mario’s firm different from other firms. The biggest differing quality of Falsetti Legal Association is the desire to build relationships and be personable with the clients. The circle in the design, with its curves and soft edges, is most symbolic of this pursuit for connection. Since most of Mario’s work is done at a desk, not in court, the feather, representative of a quill, emphasizes the personal care taken to pen out each document. Secondly, the feather incorporates the broadened perspective persona captured in a bird’s wingspan. The type (Avenir Next Condensed) is lowercase and gives off a comfortable and casual appearance to make clients feel at ease. Emphasis is put on Falsetti rather than Legal Services in order to portray that the firm is more than legal services but is a name and personable. This strong type signifies a sturdy foundation conveying that no matter what, Falsetti Legal Services will always be there to help out.

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