Muddy Shark Resort & Spa Brand Book
Client Overview
Established in 2021, Muddy Shark Resort & Spa is a fictitious company that is dedicated to providing women with the relaxation they need in day-to-day life. They focus on ensuring refreshment and rejuvenation of the mind and body through our all-natural skin care treatments. Mainly, but not limited to, Muddy Shark Resort & Spa specializes in muddy beauty products that moisturize the skin with nutrients and help to restore healthy tissues. The main goal at Muddy Shark Resort & Spa is to help guests slow down and enjoy the season of life they are in. Muddy Shark Resort & Spa wants to provide not only a pleasant weekend escape but a lasting mindset that will continuously inspire guests to “enjoy the present moment”.

Conceptualize a company out the name Muddy Shark, created by combining an adjective and an animal. Then design a company logo along with a complete style guide that includes an identity package and guidelines for logos, typefaces, and colors.

Design Solution
The primary identifying mark of our company is a combination logo allowing for abstract thought to connect with a name. These elements are applied simultaneously in all branding material so that the brand identity of Muddy Shark Resort & Spa can be fully developed. The inward spiral of the shark fin represents fluidity and motion, defining two elements that are essential to the relaxation and rejuvenation of mind and body. A gradient is used to further illustrate this gradual movement of one state of mind to another. The sans serif font, Bebas Neue Pro, has a simplified and elegant appearance, while also feeling grounded. The wordmark is a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters. The lowercase letters inviting guests into the symbolic growth of the uppercase letters. To read further thoughts on the design, take a look inside the brand book!

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