InterVarsity Shift Booklet
Client Overview
InterVarsity’s Diversity Department’s role is to build trusting relationships with various diversity constituent groups (ethnicity, gender, generation, sexual orientation, abilities, and other affinity and identity groups). Behind the scenes, this department observes and analyzes diversity-related trends and patterns within geography using qualitative and quantitative means to better educate and relate with others. Most importantly, the team is responsible for designing and delivering key training on diversity and inclusion-related competencies at every leadership level.

The Diversity Department requested the creation of a workbook that will be used in an in-person training event, led by a person who is trained both in these skills and how to use these documents. The purpose of this handout is to identify basic diversity and inclusion competencies in a thoughtful, skills-based, culture-shaping way. In addition, the hope is to equip all staff with skills and frameworks to grow in their diversity competencies across ethnicity, gender, sexuality, nationality, ability, etc. The task was to finalize the design of the booklet where a previous designer had left off. The intended outcome being that the culture of InterVarsity would be changed so that staff have the skills to navigate it in a way that cultivates better learning, team cohesion, and mission effectiveness.

Design Solution
Following the design precedent that the previous designer had set, I included similar elements across the pages that I revised. My goal in revising the pages was to simplify the content and create greater interaction with the material so that those using the booklet would be prompted to greater reflection. In other areas of the booklet, I modified the design so that it would better reflect the vision of the client and would increase understanding among users.

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